Our basis

krauzers_dizains_2-05Honestykrauzers_dizains_2-08Independencekrauzers_dizains_2-07Mutual respectkrauzers_dizains_2-06Loyalty

These values reflect in our everyday work: in our activity and attitude to clients, colleagues, superiors and society in general.

The strategy of our activity

To maintain our long term goals LTD ‘’Krauzers’’ implements strategy, priorities of which are close collaboration with clients and work in interests of society. The company in the chosen fields of business – forest management and round-timber transportation, can promote sustainability of the whole sector and will ensure increase of wood stock, saving its diversity.

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Skatīt visas aktualitātes

  • In February 2012 LTD ‘’Krauzers’’ became laureate of wood industry award ‘’Zelta čiekurs’’ (Golden cone) 2011 on nomination ‘’For innovative entrepreneurship’’. ‘’Zelta čiekurs’’ is a higher gratitude for achievements in wood industry
  • In September 2012 in competition ‘’Cleanest town and municipality in Talsi region’’ LTD ‘’Krauzers’’ gained a victory in nomination ‘’Municipality’s benefactor in Talsi region 2012’’.
  • In November 18, 2012 owners of LTD ‘’Krauzers’’ Andis Araks and Kaspars Eihe received Talsi region’s title of the Year ‘’Entrepreneur of the Year in Talsi region 2012’’.
  • 2013. gada 25. oktobrī no Latvijas Darba devēju konfederācijas SIA “Krauzers” saņem atzinības rakstu “Labākajam darba devējam Kurzemē SIA “Krauzers”. Par ieguldīto darbu labas pārvaldības un sociālās atbildības principu ieviešanā uzņēmuma un Kurzemes reģiona attīstībā”.
LTD ‘’Krauzers’’ buys forest ownership, cutting areas and round billet assortment in woods next to road from legal and physical entities in all the territory of Latvia. Forest ownership and cutting area acquisition all around Latvia. To sign a contract to sell of a cutting area the owner has to ensure following documents:
  • Logging permit;
  • Land register certificate;
  • Sketch of a located cutting area;
  • Owner’s bank account;
  • Present original passport or a copy (for physical entities);
  • Authorized person has to present the original power of attorney;
  • Copy of certificate of incorporation and VAT certificate (for legal entities);
  • Document of title of the cutting area (if the cutting area has been bought).

Minimal required information about the cutting area for LTD ‘’Krauzers’’ to make an offer:
  • Evaluation of the cutting area;
  • Map of borders with forest plots;
  • Updated data of inventory.
for more information call: + 371 63237049, e-mail: birojs@krauzers.lv

 Round billet purchase in the wood next to road: 

for more information call: + 371 29187716 (Andris), andris@krauzers.lv

We buy branches and slabs of coniferous and deciduous trees for chipping: for more information call: + 371 29246456 (Elviss), elviss@krauzers.lv

Prices can change accordingly to the location of the material.

We offer to implement your round-timber assortment for profitable prices in all of the territory of Latvia.

Our main collaboration partners in Latvia are:

  • LTD „Vika Wood
  • LTD „Gaujas Koks
  • LTD „BSW Latvia
  • LTD “Industry Latvia”
  • LTD „Rettenmeier Baltic Timber
  • LTD „Metsa Forest Latvia
  • LTD „ACA Timber
  • LTD „Rottneros Baltic
  • LTD „Bolderaja Ltd
  • LTD „Talsu tehnika
  • LTD „Palleteries”.
LTD ‘’Krauzers’’ works individually with every client, offering the most profitable implementation places for finished product. The company offers to sign a cooperation agreement to provide long-term services.
For more information call: 29187716 (Andris), e-mail: andris@krauzers.lv
Work Price Euro/ha
Yound forest tending 100.00 – 130.00 Euro/ha
Plant agro-technical tending 70.00 – 100.00 Euro/ha
Planting 70.00 Euro/ha *

*- Plus administrative costs

For more information call:+371 27834422 (Māris L.) e-mail: maris.lagzdins@krauzers.lv

LTD ‘’Krauzers’’ specialists with experience in this work of more than 10 years can offer you a qualitative full cutting area preparation cycle, which includes:
  • inspection;
  • adjustment of property borders;
  • valuation, if there is not;
  • cutting area location;
  • sketch drawing;
  • measuring.

Our specialists will help you to complete formalities in the State Forest Service.

For more information call: : +371 26545648 (Aivars), +371 25427828 (Māris P.), + 371 27834422 (Māris L.)

We prepare cutting area for logging, and do the logging. Cutting area logging includes tree cutting, and we do that with hand rail motor saws. Using hand motor saws, we do less harm for nature and maximum profit of assortment of cut round-timber. We ensure transportation of timber with forwarders that transport round-timber from cutting area to log yard. Remainder of logged cutting area we transport and reproduce to fuel chips.
For more information call: + 371 26545648 (Aivars), + 371 25427828 (Maris P.)

We offer full process of chipping of remainder of cutting area. We ensure remainder of cutting area collection and placing it in accessible place for chipping machine. We chip it and deliver to our collaboration partners for profitable prices.

for more information call: +371 29246456 (Elvis), e-mail: elviss@krauzers.lv

We offer to remove your agricultural land and ditches from land covers (trees and bushes). Ready wood we will transport to accessible place for chipping machine and chip.
The biggest collaboration partners:
LTD “Talsu Bio-Enerģija”,
LTD “Fortum Jelgava”,
LTD ”ML dvīņi
For more information call: +371 26545648 (Aivars), + 371 25427828 (Māris P.)

To not lose the treasure of Latvia – FORESTS, we have made free consultations to forest owners. The company offers free consultations to full cycle of forestry, starting from planting small saplings to transportation of timber.
Company’s desire is together with the forest owner find the most profitable solution for them and their forest for next generations to be proud of.

We are sure that LTD ‘’Krauzers’’ forestry specialists using their experience will find a solution exactly for you.

For more information call: +371 63237049 (birojs), e-mail: birojs@krauzers.lv

We produce and sell high quality decorative planking for your interior and exterior. In our warehouse you will find appropriate decorative planking for your needs. We will fulfill any of your ideas for friendly prices. You can also choose your species of the trees.

At the moment there are decorative planking of spruce and pine in the warehouse. Assortment available at the warehouse:
Plot board

Plot board

Thick board

Block House

For more information call: +371 26445570 (Bruno), e-mail: bruno@krauzers.lv

We produce and sell high quality floorboards and terrace boards. The high qualification and experience of our specialist will ensure longevity of the products, but the surface pattern of the boards will make the product safe and attractive in any environment. To ensure longevity terrace boards are specially impregnated accordingly to the regulations of the European Union. In the process of impregnation there is used chemical solution, which is one of the most eco-friendly. The solution can protect the product from the negative influence of environment. It is possible to choose color – green or brown.

Decking boards

Flooring board

Flooring board

For more information call: +371 26445570 (Bruno), e-mail: bruno@krauzers.lv

We sell timber in different length and size for building. It is possible to place orders for any kind of timber by project.

Indoor construction




For more information call: +371 29246456 (Elvis), e-mail: elviss@krauzers.lv

Uzņēmums ražo augstas kvalitātes brusas. Iespējams iegādāties dažādas sugas – skujkoks, lapu koks un ozols).
SIA „Krauzers” piedāvā dažādu dimensiju un garumu brusas. Skujkoku un lapu koku brusas ir iespējams impregnēt dažādās klasēs.

Šobrīd noliktavā pieejams:

Izmērs (cm) Suga Impregnācijas klase Apjoms (m3)
100 x 200 x 2400 Priede/ Egle UC 2/3 150
100 x 200 x 3000 Priede/ Egle UC 2/3 100
100 x 200 x 2400 ozols 30
100 x 200 x 2600 ozols 100
100 x 100 x 3000 ozols 50
150 x 150 x 2400 ozols UC 2/3 40

Ražošanas kapacitāte mēnesī 400 m3.

Sīkāka informācija pa tālr.: +371 28336327 (Ivo), e-pasts: ivo.grinbergs@krauzers.lv

We sell split firewood of various deciduous trees. It is possible to order species, length and split by your choice. Our assortment is suitable for firing stove, bathhouse and fireplace. We offer to purchase split firewood prewrapped in bags of various sizes.

Form Price EUR/m3
Firewood  3.00 m price variable
Split firewood (unripe) 34.00 EUR/m3
Split firewood (dry) 42.00 EUR/m3
Split firewood (dry) 210.00 EUR/5m3

* Prices are shown not including VAT, for legal entities 21%, for physical entities 12%.

For more information call: +371 29246456 (Elvis), e-mail: elviss@krauzers.lv

We sell various kinds of fuel chips, which is obtained from slabs and firewood, branches of deciduous and coniferous trees.

For more information call: +371 29246456 (Elvis), e-mail: elviss@krauzers.lv

The company has more than 10 year experience in timber transportation. Company’s timber hauling trucks are equipped with computers and GPS systems, which allow every client to verify the accomplished work. All of the timber hauling trucks are certified with ‘’Euro V’’ and ‘’Euro IV’’ standards. .
Four of the company’s timber hauling trucks are equipped with CTI Tyre Pressure Monitor System. This Tyre Pressure Monitor System is appropriate for roads of low bearing capacity (100MPa). CTI ensures trafficability on roads of low bearing capacity and tyre impression depth reduces. CTI ensures optimal driving conditions on gravel roads, muddy, sandy and snowy roads.
Timber hauling trucks of LTD ‘’Krauzers’’ in 2012 have transported 479 958.00 m3.

For more information call:  +371 25633380  (Juris), e-mail: juris@krauzers.lv


  •  Prime mover Volvo FH 480, trailer Reisch RSBS 35/24LK, capacity 85 BM3.;
  • Container truck Volvo FH 460, capacity 76 BM3.

Truck Scania 93 H with mobile container

Lifting capacity: 2,5 tons
Total mass of cargo: 9000 kg
Capacity of container: 7 m3
Other possibilities: It is possible to transport also sand, gravel, broken stone, peat, black earth, manure etc.

For more information call: +371 29246456  (Elviss), e-mail: elviss@krauzers.lv

 Volvo L90
Loading capacity 3,5 ber/m3

For more information call:+371 29246456 (Elviss), elviss@krauzers.lv

Piekabe Hafo H32-3PLSBO

(kopējais pārvadājamais svars 52 tonnas)

Celtspēja 30 tonnas

Sīkāka informācija pa tālruni +371 29284297 , e-pasts mareks@krauzers.lv


Price for hand car wash*

*Car wash offers qualitative hand car wash, which is performed by professional and experienced personnel.
Washing is done with professional equipment, eco-friendly and vehicle-friendly high quality car chemicals.

Service Cars 
EUR (including VAT 21%)
SUV’s, Mini Vans, wagons, etc.
EUR (including VAT 21%)
Wash-off 3.50 Euro 6.00 Euro
Washing 5.00 Euro 7.50 Euro
Full washing 7.50 Euro 10.00 Euro
Wax coating 2.50 Euro 2.50 Euro
Interior cleaning 9.00 Euro 11.50 Euro
Vacuum cleaning 6.00 Euro 9.00 Euro
Vacuum cleaning 4.50 Euro 7.50 Euro
Panel cleaning 6.00 Euro 7.50 Euro
Engine washing 11.50 Euro 11.50 Euro
Carpet washing 3.00 Euro 3.00 Euro
Wheel washing 6.00 Euro 7.50 Euro
Complex 15.00 Euro 20.00 Euro
Winter processing 3.00 Euro 3.00 Euro
Additional services Identical prise Identical prise
Prior arrangement 3.00 Euro 3.00 Euro
Window wax 3.00 Euro 4.00 Euro

For customer convenience there are a café (on the second floor of the car wash), and also free WI-FI for public use. (Wi-Fi)

Adress: Celtnieku street 23a, Talsi, Talsi region.
Open: 8:30-18:00, S. 8:30-14:00

For more information call: +371 26445570 (Bruno), bruno@krauzers.lv

Price for Car

Service Car (EUR) SUV’s, Mini Vans, wagons, etc.(EUR)
Wheel balancing 1.50 2.50
Wheel balancing for nonst. wheels 2.50 3.00
Tire unmounting 1.00 1.50
Tire mounting 1.00 1.50
Drawing-in of thread, wheel repair 1.00-15.00 1.00-15.00
Valve input 1.50 1.50
Circumference cleaning 1.50 1.50
Wheel screwing off 1.00 1.50
Wheel screwing on 1.00 1.50

Price for trucks and special machinery in tire service

Service Price not including VAT 21% (EUR)
Wheel balancing with counterweights 9.00-17.00
Full cycle (buying tires on the site) ) 12.00
Tire unmounting 3.00
Tire mounting 3.00
Air addition in the tire 1.50
Wheel screwing off 3.00
Wheel screwing on 2.50
Circumference cleaning 1.50
Full cycle with client’s tires 15.00
Wheel mounting-unmounting 7.50
Wheel mounting-unmounting (divided cycle) 9.00
Tire vulcanizing 1 cycle 15.00
Spare wheel lift off 3.00
Spare wheel lift on 3.00
Industrial tire mounting-unmounting Plus 100%
Mushrooms 7.50-21.50
Patch 7.50-43.00
Wheel repair service s 3.00-30.00

Price not including VAT 21%

Adress: Celtnieku street 23a, Talsi, Talsi region
Working time: 9:00-19:00, S. 9:00-16:00

For more information call: + 371 26445570 (Bruno), bruno@krauzers.lv

  • Benchwork
  • brake pad clinching for trucks and industrial machinery
  • welding
  • turnery
  • oil change
Synthetic oil ļa 5W30
Semi-synthetic oil 10W30
Mineral oil 15W40

Oil change     – for more information call: +371 26445570 (Bruno), e-mail:bruno@krauzers.lv
Truck service – for more information call: +371 29294295 (Normunds), e-mail:normunds@krauzers.lv

  • Lease payment : 1.50 EUR/m2 for month (+21% VAT) + used electricity
  • In heating season: 0.75 EUR/m2 (+21% VAT)

Payment for public access area:

  • From April 1 to October 31 – 28.50 EUR (including 21% VAT)
  • From November 1 to March 31 – 42.70 EUR (including 21% VAT)

For more information call: +371 26445570 (Bruno), e-mail: bruno@krauzers.lv

Adress: Celtnieku street 23a, Talsi, Talsi region, Phone: 6322299, Fax: 63222999

We offer office space for rent:

  • From April 1 to October: 3.00 EUR/m2 (including VAT) + used electricity;
  • From October 1 to April1: 4.50 EUR/m2 (including VAT) + used electricity;

Secure parking-place, video surveillance.

for more information call: +371 26445570 (Bruno), e-mail: bruno@krauzers.lv

Adress: Celtnieku street 23a, Talsi, Talsi region, Phone: 6322299, Fax: 63222999

We offer for rent hall for seminars:

  • (For about 60 persons) – 7.50 EUR/per hour (including VAT);

It is possible to provide snacks, tea, coffee etc.
Secure parking-place, video surveillance.

For more information call: +371 26445570 (Bruno), e-mail: bruno@krauzers.lv

Piedāvājam gan ilgtermiņa, gan īstermiņa nakšņošanas iespējas mūsu dienesta viesnīcā. Nakšņotājiem pieejama virtuve, TV, bezvadu internets, WC, duša un apsargājama stāvvieta.

Cena par nakti 10.- EUR.

Ilgtermiņa nakšņošanai cena runājama.

Sīkāks info pa tālruni : 29156068

Celtnieku iela 23a, Talsi, Talsu novads
57°13’46.927″N 22°33’49.504″E 

IMG_0013 IMG_0015 IMG_0017 IMG_0024


phone   (+371) 63237049 fax   (+371) 63237048 birojs@krauzers.lv
Reg. Nr.     40003421968 VAT Nr. LV40003421968
"SEB banka" UNLALV2X LV41UNLA0050000030086
"Swedbank" HABALV22 LV79HABA0551005346593
„DNB banka” RIKOLV2X LV25RIKO0002013318366

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Pieņemšana: darba dienās no plkst. 08:00  līdz 20:00. Piegādes adrese finierim un bērza tarai: Rīga, BCT-termināls, Kundziņsalas 1a.Uzmērīšana pēc tievgala metodes (GOST tabulas).

Apaļkoka piegādes saskaņot iepriekš: Santa 29483723

Kontaktpersona par piegādes līgumiem un kvalitātes prasībām:  Santa 29483723

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Bērza finieris A: Pieļaujam: Kodola iekrāsojums līdz 30 % no diametra vienpusējā līkumainība līdz 2%. Divpusējā līkumainība netiek pieļauta. Netiek pieļauti: Zari, sala un zibens plaisas, trupe, dvīņserde, dubultgalotne, sausāni, māzeri, kukaiņu bojājumi. Bērza finieris AB: Pieļaujam:  Kodola iekrāsojums līdz 45 % no diametra. Vienpusējā līkumainība līdz 2 %. Divpusējā līkumainība netiek pieļauta. Dzīvie zari līdz Ø 6 cm neierobežotā daudzumā, trupējuši zari līdz Ø 6 cm 1 gab uz tekošo metru. Netiek pieļauti: zibens plaisas; mizas ieaugums, kas lielāks par 20 % no nogriežņa diametra, mīkstā trupe. Bērza tara (BCD) 18cm+: Pieļaujam: Kodola iekrāsojums līdz 65% no diametra. Līkumainība līdz  3 % uz tekošo metru, zaru daudzums un diametrs nav ierobežots. Netiek pieļauti: mīkstā trupe.